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Writing from the 4/1/12 Workshop: Eazy


Taco Burrito King by Eazy

All I wanted was steak tacos,

Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, Sour Cream.

This was going to be a glorious digestion,

A shit for the ages,

They would crown me the new prince of painted porcelian.

But you’re stopping me

hand out asking for something

that would deter me from the

Eight Dollars and thirty-six cent

in my left pocket.

Hand out, eyes peircing into my soul

Through sand dry lips he said,

“I know you got it”

How do you know?

When did you become my accountant?

Why would I believe you need to buy pampers?

Men with three teeth suck glass dicks

Until O and D are the only letters that matter

“C’mon you preppy niggas always so damn uptight”

“You got glasses gam I know you got a quarter”

“Nigga you don’t know struggle”

I wanted to stop him,

Slap him, smack him,

But I didn’t come here for trouble.

All I wanted was steak tacos,

I can’t help you, I can’t help me…

Fuck off